Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fadingflowers Paperie

etsy fadingflowers paperie

I love walking into Kate's Paperie just to finger all the lovely paper goods they have to offer. As a child, before the advent of e-mail, I used to collect stationery and write long detailed letters to my friends, family and pen pals. Though, I still admire stationery and imagine all the lovely notes I could write to all of my dear buddies now-a-days, I have come to face the sad truth...that I am a just not a hand-written note kind of gal.

However, to my surprise, something changed all of that. I have always been a fan of Mrs. Fading Flower's lovely hand printed handmade goods but her new Christmas cards sold me. They were so cute and reminded me of simpler times, that my passion for the art/act of picking up a ball point pen to commit words to paper was reignited. Okay, so I am being a bit dramatic here....but oh my....her cards are so cute!

I received my beautiful handmade/printed cards in the mail yesterday from Fading Flowers' Etsy shop and was floored. I look forward to sending out my Christmas cards this year! So lovely and beautifully packaged. Make great gifts for your loved ones. Go buy yourself some lovely cards pronto!


Mrs. fadingflower said...

Awww thanks so much for the promo. When I was younger I love to collect all sort of stationery that I could afford. Hopefully my creations will lead me to afford a little stationery shop in the future.

Girlio said...

No problemo! I really do hope you can have your dream stationery shop come to life. :)