Friday, December 5, 2008

Hot Rocks: labradorite, Evan Dando and Eddie Vedder

girlio labradorite stick earrings

I have an affinity for gems/beads/shells that look kind of quiet and mysterious but shine nonetheless. I love using labradorite in my pieces just for that reason. It is a feldspar mineral that is a dark cool gray color with surprising flashes of purple, green yellow and blue. Please take a looksie at the labradorite earrings I created last night: Elegant Labradorite Stick Earrings.

I don't know about you, but when I make jewelry, work on my website or blog, I like to listen to music. Music can be so inspiring and Victoria Williams is one of my favorite musicians. I am a huge fan of hers because she makes beautiful songs about finding the positive in the negative and beauty in what most people would probably find mundane. She is a multiple sclerosis sufferrer and it was the benefit album, "Sweet Relief" that introduced me to her music. While doing a search for her on youtube, I found some performances by Evan Dando from The Lemonheads (talk about a hot rock-er!) and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam (another hot rock-er!) covering her songs. Amazing! Have a great weekend.

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